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Plants Producer
 Danziger breeds varieties of cut flower crops, and also of bedding and pot plant crops. The company's production department stores and maintains all of the its plant material used both for the breeding department requirements, and for the purpose of building mother stock for producing young plants and cuttings.
Plant Breeder
Danziger - "Dan" Flower Farm has a talented and experienced team of breeders equipped with a highly advanced tissue culture lab, who breeds, tests and introduces new & improved varieties every season, putting special emphasis on breeding varieties for cut flowers and bedding plants.
Bedding Plants
Danziger - "Dan" Flower Farm began breeding, producing and marketing bedding plants more than twenty years ago. The company has aimed their target to be amongst the three leading companies for each of the products they deal with, while following their core values as they appear in the Company's Vision, one being - to continue their status as a leading company.
Cut Flowers
Danziger - "Dan" Flower Farm has been breeding cut flowers for the last 35 years focusing its energy on creating new and better varieties for the benefit of flower growers, traders, consumers and the entire flower industry throughout the world. During this period Danziger has gained world recognition in cultivars such as Gypsophila, Solidago, Chrysanthemum, Limonium and Hypericum to name a few.
Professional Center
Culture Descriptions
It all began in 1953, when Ernst and Zehava Danziger started a small nursery, growing and selling cut flowers. More...
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