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Yodfat’s nursery’s Anemone series join Danziger - ‘Dan’ Flower Farm’s assortment of products. These series are represented by us at  number of sites around the globe.

The Yodfat nursery is highly experienced in breeding and growing Anemones and has developed 4 series all well known, with high standard varieties that are leading in the world markets.

The series are Galilee, Jerusalem, Carmel and Meron.

One can find a pallet of attractive colors in each of the series. The breeders have put a special emphasis on the length of the stems, long vase life, tolerance to pests and diseases and high yield.

Anemones can be grown in the open fields, under nets and even in structures such as greenhouses and tunnels.

Danziger - ‘Dan’ Flower Farm’s nursery shall supply the corms for planting and would be happy to recommend and help you in choosing the varieties for growing under the climate conditions typical in your region and the growing conditions you have in your facilities.



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