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The Ornithogalum belonging to Hyacinthaceae family is yet another unique product that joins the vast range of products at Danziger - ‘Dan’ Flower Farm’s nursery.

We represent the breeders of the "Star" series around the world.The crop can be grown either in the greenhouse or in aerated tunnels.

The ”Star” group of varieties such as Super Star, Orange Star, Queen Star, King Star and Magic Star are the leading Ornithogalum varieties today in the market.

Shiny orange, yellow and white colors with very long vase life are to be found among the Ornithogalum varieties. Some of the Star” varieties such as the Super Star & White Star are prominent in their stem length (above 50 cm.), stable branches, long inflorescences and flower diameters.

We shall be happy to provide all the information we have and recommend to you the range of varieties we have in our assortment.
Super Star™
White Star™
Queen Star ™
Prince Star™
Yellow Star™

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